Sunday, April 5, 2009

Miss Mia Goes to Iowa

A City Girl Moves to Iowa. By Miss Mia

On my "Gotcha Day" Tuesday morning March 31 right away Mona, my foster sis and I knew something was up.

But we got some play time in anyway.

And we did some posing for the camera - Mona you are a ham!

Hanging with my foster Mom - I love you foster Mom!

Helping pack my stuff.

Did I ever mention that I have my very own monkey crate? Apparently real monkees used it before me, I would have liked to have met them. (Susan says my monkey crate is the reason my blog is not called Mia's Diary of Destruction...)

Finally we hit the road. It was kind of a tight fit in the back of the car with all of my stuff.

I just knew great things were up ahead so I sat up for part of the trip to get a better look.

Ah, Iowa smells really good...I am now sitting on Susan's lap for a better view. Can you see who is sitting on the floor by Susan's feet?

Yep, its Millie, my sister who came along for the ride to make sure she approved of my new home...she only believes in traveling on the floor in the front seat - I think she misses a lot of stuff down there but it makes her happy. Did you notice my spiffy new collar? I have a matching new leash too!

In case you were wondering , this is what Iowa looks like. When we left Chicago it was raining hard but as we drove through Iowa the sun came out just for us!

I see houses! Are we almost there yet? Finally, we pull up in a very nice driveway, Millie and I could hardly contain ourselves so we went to check out the back yard first.

Oh boy, do I like my new backyard, and I think I am going to like the neighbors too!

Millie and I give my new backyard a huge paws up and roll around to show how much we approve!

Hey, I know you - hello new Mom - let me give you some kisses!

Check it out - my new Mom is so talented she can keep Millie and I in place with just her hands....he he.

Hey new Mom - this is my Snoopy dance of happiness - you should try it!

Can you even find me in my new fantabulous and ginormouse backyard?

Next we went in the house for a look see...this is the lovely kitchen where cookies are dispensed. Hey new Mom are you seeing my perfect sit stay?

Millie tried out the couch for me and decided she liked it a lot.

I am liking my new living room - I have a great veiw of my awesome backyard. Yep, I can get used to this set up.

Hey, was that a squirrel, or a bird or a bunny in my backyard? I better keep a look out!

Next my new Mom took me on a walk in the neighborhood - there were dogs checking us out from their windows and barking hello, lots of great smells, some kids and a big park just a block away. I am going to be one busy dog!

The walk was great...but do you know what the best part was? Coming home. They even put a sign out for me...and it has a picture of my new Dad on it!

Hey, new Dad is home. Hey new Dad what's in the bag? Anything for me?

I remember you about some kisses?

Not only did I get kisses from my new Dad, but he gave me a massage so I wouldn't worry too much when Aunt Kira and Aunt Susan said goodbye and headed back to Chicago.

I am a very happy and very, very lucky girl to have so many people that love me so much. I love my new home and my new Mom and Dad and I am gonna do my best to be a good girl and make everyone very proud of me. I will be sure to keep you all updated on my adventures in Iowa.
Love, Mia
Thanks so much to everyone who donated, spent time with, passed Mia's email around, checked her blog, said a prayer and sent positive vibes this way. We are so grateful to everyone but especially Laura and Mike, her foster parents for giving her a chance and the love and training she needed to be ready for her forever home.
Every dog deserves a home and every dog can find a home. Keep the faith.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mia Approves of the New Bed: Caution Racy Photos

Mia got a chancce to try out her new bed before it is packed with her kit and kaboodle for the big road trip on Tuesday. She says thumbs up!

This bed makes me feel frisky...

Whoo Hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love my new bed - thanks foster Mom for picking it out
especially for Mi-Mi.

Just one more day before Mia's big adventure...stay tuned!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Iowa or Bust

One Week Until the Big Road Trip...and Mia is Busy Packing Her Stuff!

Monday, March 16, 2009

And Doggone It People Like Me

Daily Affirmations

Mia's foster Mom Laura said she caught Mia staring at herself in the hall mirror for a full five minutes - and she suspects Mia was doing her daily affirmations:

"I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and doggone it people like me!"

Last weekend was rainy and a bit chilly but we headed out anyway for an adventure. We started with a nap in the car and then ended up at the lake.

Mia LOVES the seagulls, she loves the live ones who provide hours of enjoyment from the car window and the ones who did not make it thru the long cold winter...she especially liked rolling in that one.

The rain stopped for about 30 minutes and the sun came out so we headed out to see what we could see and find some cool spots to pose...maybe it was too cool... we did not have a sweater with us!

Even though she was chilly Mia shows off her perfect sit stay.

Eagle eye.
Mia can spot a seagull, a squirrell, a stranger, or a piece of paper blowing in the wind from miles away.

All good walks by the lake must come to an end for 'stinky' girls and bathies must be endured - Mia was such a trooper especially since Soggy Paws only had cold water!

Good thing we had extra blankies in the car for snuggling.

This was Mia's very favorite part of the day.

Good thing she can't read....


Miss Mia and friends will be going on a road trip in two weeks to visit a wonderful couple from Iowa who came and met her a few weeks ago...everyone keep their paws crossed and we will keep you updated...and Mia will keep up her daily affirmations....

Friday, February 20, 2009

A day in the life of a silly dog named Mia

When I wake up in the morning I love to stretch and scratch my back against the wall. My foster Dad says I look like a bear rubbing against a tree. Maybe I am part bear, because I do love to rub up and down the wooden fence in the back yard too!My first order of the day is to head downstairs and make sure the pantry is still stocked with food and treats. My foster mom says I’m not supposed to go in there and help myself. Sometimes I get caught and have to run out of the pantry really fast before she sees me!

My bowl is empty! Is it time for breakfast YET???

My foster sisters, Mona and Maggie, eat breakfast after I do. I’m not allowed to go into the kitchen while they’re eating, so my foster mom makes me wait outside the door. Life is so cruel.

After breakfast, it’s time to get down to business. These things won’t de-stuff themselves!

Ahhhhhh…. a productive day at work. Time for a break.

Sometimes I get some help from my foster sister Mona. She’s pretty good at this job too.

My foster sister Maggie, on the other hand, thinks it’s the most boring job EVER.

What’s next on the agenda?

Time for a little break outside. On my way down the back porch, I stop at the recycling bin for a quick sniff. You can’t imagine what these humans throw out.

Today I found a perfectly good can with food molecules still attached! What’s wrong with them?

After a hard day of work, it’s time for some play with my foster sister Mona. We play pretty rough sometimes! My foster mom says we are like two elk fighting in the forest.

We can wrestle like this for hours! Later on we wrestle some more in the beautiful snowfall.

We even wrestle in the bedroom…

... until we just… don’t… have… any… energy… left. Whewwwww!!! That’s okay though, because it’s time for bed anyway. It’s been a long productive day. *yawn* Good night!

Mia would like to thank her wonderful foster Mom Laura for typing this entry for her and her wonderful foster Dad Mike for putting up with all of her silliness.
Mia is still searching for her forever home if you are interested in adopting her please email Susan at or call her at 773-512-1053. Be sure to join us on Facebook, Mia has 106 members of her group: Find Mia a Home. Can you help us find her a home?